Biblical Concept:  Visitation

1) Vocabulary:

Episkeptomai - Epi = upon, over.  Skeptomai = to look at, inspect.
Episkope - Epi = upon, over.  Skope = inspect, oversee, watch, guard.

2) Examples:

 Conclusions:  1)   The context is the Divine judgement at the end
of the Tribulation, in preparation for the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus
Christ (25:34 and note 24:1ff).  2)   Visiting  the sick is one of the acts
performed by the “righteous” (25:37a) and praised by God.  Note verse
25:40.  3)  The “accursed ones” (25:41a) are judged because they did
not visit (episkeptomai) the sick and imprisoned (25:43).  4)  Visitation is
one of the activities expected of the righteous by God.  Visitation
provides for others.  Compare 25:35-36a.      Conclusions:  1)  Luke 1:68 is the beginning of a prophecy by Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist, concerning  the coming “Sunrise from on high” (1:78b).  2)  The visitation would accomplish redemption for God’s people (1:68b) and the knowledge of salvation and forgiveness of sins (1:77).  3) Visitation provides for others.  4) Compare episkeptomai in Luke 7:16 and episkope in Luke 19:44.      Conclusion:  Visitation is concerned about the spiritual progress of fellow Christians.      Conclusion:  Practice the Christian religion by visiting orphans and widows.      Conclusion: One day God will “visit” us all, to give us the opportunity to glorify Him.

3) Visitation Summary: