1) Vocabulary: Sophron.  A compound word: so from sos = “sound.”
    Phron from phren = “mind.”  “A sound mind” is a good translation.

2) Mark 5:15;  the man freed from Legion returned to his “right mind.”

    Conclusion: Demons attack right thinking.

3) Romans 12:3b; sound judgement is part of the thinking governed by
    faith in the body of Christ.

    Conclusion: Humble sound judgement toward fellow members of the
    Body of Christ is an important application of God’s word.

4) Titus 2:1-15; Older men (2:2), young women (2:5), young men (2:6),
    all Christians (2:12) should be of sound mind for Christian witness.

5) 1 Peter 4:7; a sound mind for prayer in these end times.

6) 2 Timothy 1:7; a spirit of sound judgement for a confident Christian
    way of Life.

7) 1 Timothy 2:9, 15; sound judgement and women in the Church.

8) 1 Timothy 3:2; sound judgement and the overseer.  Also Titus 1:8.