Psalm Thirty-Three: Concepts to Remember

Classification: A Psalm of Praise and Confidence.

1) VV. 1-5, Praise the Lord.

v. 1, Sing praises because you are saved.
vv. 2-3, Thanks, praises, and songs: Bring your best to the Lord.
vv. 4-5, Praise because of His attributes and actions.

2) VV.  6-17, The power of the Lord: All (7x) should praise Him.

v. 6a, Creator of the expanse of the Universe.  Also Psalm 19:1 and 97:6.
v. 6b, Creator of the mass of the mass of the universe.
v. 7, Hydrologic designer of the salt water.  Compare Genesis 1:9-10.
v. 8, Exhortation: Respond to God consciousness.  Compare v. 6.
v. 9, God: To speak into existence.
v.10, Thankfully, God restrains world evil.
v. 11, Thankfully, God has long (11a) and short-term (11b) plans.
v. 12, Heritage nations: Blessing for having the right God.  Compare
          Jonah 3:5-10 and Genesis 17:4-5.
v. 13-17, All men are accountable to God.

VV. 18-22, Responses to the Lord.

v. 18a, Fear = protection.
v. 18b, Hope = protection.
v. 19a, Protection from earthly death.
v. 19b, Protection from famine.
v. 20, Spiritual timing: Wait for Godís protection.
v. 21, The relationship between spiritual happiness and trust.
v. 22, The relationship between lovingkindness and hope.