BIBLICAL CONCEPT: Hebrews Highlights

1.  The name "Hebrewmeans "to pass over" (Gen. 14:13).

2.  The Son: superior to angels (1:4-14), but lower for a little while (2:5-18).  The humility of God.

3.  Six warning contexts about faith, hearing, and application: 2:1-4; 3:7-19; 4:1-16; 5:11-6:20; 10:19-39; 12:18-29.

4.  The Son: superior to Hebrew (i.e. religious) things: Moses (3:16), Levitical Priests (5:1-I0), Abraham (7:4-7), and Old Covenant (8:6-10:18).

5.  Verses (concepts) to remember:

1:8,  The Son is God: superior as God.
2:1,  CWL (Christian Way of Life): attention or drifting.
2:4,  Signs, wonders, and miracles for the first generation.
2:5,  Human history: subject to angels.
2:11,  Brother's of Christ before the Father.
2:18,  CWL: Temptation aid.
3:6b,  Christians: Hopeful or homeless.
3:7-11,  The example of the wilderness generation: A spiritual heart attack.
3:7-8,  Hearing prevents hardening and spiritual heart attack .
3:10,  Exodus Generation: Fearful complainers - Ex. 13:17; 14:10-15; 14:31; 15:24; 16:2, 7, 12; Nu. 14:1-10, 24.
4:1-16,  Warning: hearing + faith = rest.
4:1,  CWL Disaster: Short of rest.  The relationship between fear and rest.
4:12-13, A warning related to obedience: God's omniscience.
4:12,  The scriptures: God Reveals the Inner Man.
4:13,  Omniscience and Accountability.
4:14-16,  Christ + holding fast = confidence and help.
4:16,  Faithful confidence activates grace help.
5:11-14,  The relationship between spiritual hearing and spiritual maturity.
6:10a,  CWL works: unforgettable to God.
7:25,  Eternal security.
10:29,  Judgment worse than death: wasted eternal reward.
10:32,  The good old days: enlightened suffering.
10:35-39,  Confidence, endurance, and faith = eternal reward.
10:35,  Spiritual speaking = mega reward.
10:36,  Accurate endurance and eternal reward.
11:1,  Faith: vision for eternity.
11:3,  Faith understands creation.
11:4,  Faith speaks over death.
11:8,  Faith over place.
11:9,  Faith over comfort: camping.
11:13,  Faith, eternal perspective and patience.
11:23,  Opposites: faith and fear.
11:24-26,  Faith = eternal riches and reward.
11:27b,  Faith: seeing the unseen.
12:3b,  The living lost.
12:4,  Resist: strive against the sin of CWL unbelief
12:6a,  Love = discipline.
12:14,  Pursue the salvation of others.
12:15,  Grace or bitterness and defilement.
12:28a,  Gracious because of our eternal status.
12:28b, Saved to serve.
12:29,  Warning: fear God cf. 10:30-31.
13:5a,  Money: a matter of character.
13:5b,  Money: a matter of contentment.
13:9,  Strange doctrine: foods (religion) instead of grace.
13:9a,  The delusion of religion.
13:9b,  Heart food: grace not religion.
13:9c,  Strange doctrine (9a) = no benefit.
13:9a,c;  Carried away and occupied by religion.
13:16b,  Impact God with spiritual sacrifices.
13:17c,  The joy of authority orientation.
13:20,  The peace through the death, the blood, and the covenant.
13:21c,  Glory for the Superior Son.
13:25,  A hopeful conclusion: grace for all.