1)  The name Hebrew means: to pass over, sojourn.”

2)  Genesis 14:13 - “Abraham the Hebrew.” Abraham was the first man called a “Hebrew.” He crossed the river Jordan to enter Canaan from Mesopotamia.

3)  The name Hebrew comes from Abrams ancestor Eber who dwelt in the Ur of the Chaldeans (Mesopotamia), Gen. 11:14, 26, 28.

4)  Genesis 40:15 - “Hebrews were identified with a particular land (Israel, Palestine).

5)  Hebrew is equivalent to Israelite - 2 Cor.  11:22.

6)  Hebrew is a language.  A Northern Semitic dialect from the grouping of Phoenician, Aramaic, Akkadian (Assyria/Babylon) and Arabic. See Acts 26:14.