Biblical Concept: The Koine Greek Verbal System

Introduction:  Biblical Greek verbs have: mood, tense, voice, person, and number.

Mood: Mood is that quality of Greek verbs that indicates the relation of the action to reality, in the mind of the           speaker.

Tense: Tense is that quality of a verb which has to do with action. The action is expressed concerning the kind of action and time of the action.

Voice: Biblical Greek has active, middle, and passive voices.

Person and number: Biblical Greek has a first, second, or third person.  These three are used in the singular or plural.

Note: Biblical Greek has two other verbal forms, the infinitive and the participle.  The infinitive is a verbal noun and the participle is a verbal adjective.  The infinitive is usually related to a main verb while the participle is usually related to the subject or object.  There are many adverbial participles, however.