First John: Concepts to remember

1:1-2:2; The basis of knowing: God, fellowship, sin and the believer.
1:5b, Sin and God: Not even one.
1:9, Confession = forgiveness and cleansing: God rewards responsibility.
2:3-11, Knowing = the commandments: Applying God's Word.
2:3, Knowing = doing.
2:5, Knowing and loving God = applying Bible Doctrine.
2:14b, Reminder: The Word makes spiritual warriors.
2:15, Focus: Spiritual or worldly?
2:18-27, Know the deceiver liars.
2:22-23, Liars deny the Biblical God.
2:28-3:3, Growing + abiding = confidence.
22:28, Abide proudly now for the future
3:9, Believers have a new relationship to sin.
3:19-24, Know confidence.
3:20-21; The heart, God, and confidence.
3:24a, Applying Bible Doctrine = God at home with you = confidence.
4:1a, Healthy spiritual skepticism.
4:2, Test for agreement over the Deity and humanity of the Anointed
4:6c, Know the spiritual world: truth and error.
4:8b, God is love = the highest of standards and actions.  Cf W. 9-10.
4:10, God is propitiatory love: He loved to satisfy Himself.
4:14b-15, Confession of Jesus as Savior, Son, God = salvation.
4:17, Application of Christian Way of Life love (5:1-3) = confidence at
          the Judgment Seat of Christ.
5:2, Application of Bible Doctrine leads to inclusive love.
5:4-5, Biblical faith conquers the world.
5:13, Know that you have eternal life.
5:14, Confident prayer = asking according to His will.
5:19a, We know we are right.