Biblical Concept: Encouraged, comforted


1) Parakaleo - para = beside, kaleo = to call = to call for, exhort,
    comfort, encourage.
2) Paramutheomai - Para = beside, mutheomai = a word, speech, a tale,
    a fable, figment = influence by words, comfort, encourage.
3) Eupsucheo - Eu = good, psucheo = life, soul = in good spirit,
    encouraged.  (Only in Philippians 2:19).
4) Parakletos - An advocate, helper, comforter.


1) God and encouragement.
2) Grace and encouragement.
3) Faith and encouragement.
4) Eternal encouragement.

1) God and encouragement:

Conclusions:  1) It is a comfort and an encouragement to know
that God has a plan (the Holy Spirit) for our comfort and encouragement.
2) Filling of the Holy Spirit = comfort and encouragement.  Stay filled
with the Holy Spirit.  Compare Ephesians 5:18-21. Conclusion:  It is a comfort and encouragement to know that God
gives us comfort and encouragement. Conclusions:  1)  It is a comfort and encouragement to know that God gives us comfort and encouragement.   2)  It is our job, privilege, to present the comfort of God to others. Conclusion:  The promises, swearing (6:13) and character of God give us strong encouragement. Conclusion: God uses other believers to supply temporal comfort.

2) Grace and encouragement:

Conclusion: Grace, Godís beneficial opportunity, provides comfort and encouragement to our mentality and actions. Conclusion: God has gifted some to be able to encourage and comfort.

3) Application of Bible Doctrine and encouragement:

Conclusion: Freedom from Old Testament Law (Acts 15:5) is a comfort and encouragement. Conclusion:  The Scriptures = comfort and encouragement for our souls.  Conclusion: Application of Bible Doctrine provides comfort to others.  Conclusion:  The translation ďfaint heartedĒ is the compound Greek word oligopsuchosOligos = little, small and psuche = soul.  ĎSmall souledí is a good translation.   Encouragement = helping the soul of another. Conclusion:  Application of Bible Doctrine results in comfort and encouragement. Conclusion:  Knowledge and application of Bible Doctrine results in comfort and encouragement in the heart. Conclusion: Given the eternal ramifications, what could be more important than encouraging another personís faith? Conclusion:  Seeing application of Doctrine in others is encouraging. Conclusion:  Application of Bible Doctrine and improvement should be rewarded.

4) Eternal encouragement:

 Conclusion:  Eternity = comfort for the believer in the God of the Bible. Conclusion:  It is comforting to know that the Church will not go through the