Biblical Concept: All New Testament Washing And Cleansing Passages (NASB)


Matt. 6:17; fast, wash face
Matt. 15:2; tradition, elders, wash hands
Mk. 7:3;  Jews, not eat, carefully wash
Jn. 9:7; Jesus, go wash, pool Siloam, seeing
Jn. 9:11; Jesus, go to Siloam and wash, sight
Jn. 13:5; Jesus, wash the disciplesí feet
Jn. 13:6; Peter, Lord do you wash my feet
Jn. 13:8; Peter, Jesus, never, wash my feet
Jn. 13:10; Jesus, Peter, bathed, only wash feet
Jn. 13:14; Jesus, wash one anotherís feet
Acts 22:16; Paul, mob, wash away sins
Rev. 22:14; angel, wash robes, tree of life


Matt. 27:24; Pilate, washed hands, multitude
Lk. 11:38; Pharisee, Jesus, ceremony washed
Jn. 9:7; blind man, washed, pool Siloam
Jn. 9:11; blind man, washed, received sight
Jn. 9:15; Pharisees, blind man, washed, see
Jn. 13:12; Jesus, disciples, washed feet
Jn. 13:14; Lord, teacher, washed feet
Acts 9:37; Tabitha, died, washed her body
Acts 16:33; Paul, Silas, jailer, washed wounds
1 Co. 6:11; washed, sanctified, justified
1 Tim. 5:10; widow, washed saintsí feet
Heb. 10:22; hearts clean, bodies washed
Rev. 7:14; tribulation, washed robes


Mk. 7:4; Jews, washing cups
Lk. 5:2; fishermen, washing their nets
Eph. 5:26; Christ, church, washing, word
Tit. 3:5; Christ, washing of regeneration
2 Pet. 2:22; sow, washing


Heb. 6:2, instruction about washings
Heb. 9:10; various washings, reformation


Matt. 8:2; Lord, leper, willing, clean
Matt. 23:25; hypocrites, clean outside
Matt. 23:26; Pharisees, clean inside
Matt. 27:59; Joseph, body, clean linen cloth
Mk. 1:40; Leper, Jesus, make me clean
Mk. 7:19; Jesus, all foods clean
Lk. 5:12; Jesus, leper, make me clean
Lk. 11:39; Jesus, Pharisee, you clean outside
Lk. 11:41; Jesus, Pharisee, charity, clean
Jn. 13:10; bathed, completely clean
Jn. 13:11; betraying, not all clean
Jn. 15:3, clean because of word
Acts 18:6; Paul, Jews, blood, clean
Rom. 14:20; food, clean
1 Co. 5:7, clean out old leaven
Heb. 10:22, hearts sprinkled clean
Rev. 15:6; angels, linen, clean
Rev. 19:8; bride, linen, clean
Rev. 19:14; armies, heaven, linen, clean


Matt. 10:8; the twelve, cleanse lepers
Mk. 7:4; Jews, market, cleanse
2 Co. 7:1; promises, cleanse, defilements
Heb. 9:14; Christ, cleanse, conscience
Jas. 4:8, cleanse hands sinners
1 Jn. 1:9, cleanse us from all unrighteousness


Matt. 8:3; leper, Jesus, be cleansed
Matt. 11:5, lepers are cleansed
Mk. 1:41; leper, Jesus, be cleansed
Mk. 1:42; leprosy left, was cleansed
Lk. 4:27; lepers, Elisha, cleansed, Syrian
Lk. 5:13; leper, Jesus, be cleansed
Lk. 7:22; report to John, lepers cleansed
Lk. 17:14; ten lepers, cleansed
Lk. 17:17; ten lepers, cleansed
Acts 10:15; Peter, food, God cleansed
Acts 11:9; Peter, food, God cleansed
Eph. 5:26; Christ, church, cleansed, word
Heb. 9:22; law, cleansed with blood
Heb. 9:23; copies, heavens, cleansed
Heb. 10:2; worshippers, once been cleansed


2 Tim. 2:21; man, cleanses, sanctified
1 Jn. 1:7; walk, light, cleanses


Mk. 1:44; leper, show priest, cleansing
Lk. 5:14; leper, show priest, cleansing
Acts 15:9; Peter, Gentiles, cleansing
Heb. 9:13; blood goats, cleansing