Biblical Concept: See No Evil

This is a Biblical response to France, Germany, Russia, Syria, CNN, ABC, BBC, NPR, and anyone else who functions in an amoral, rationalistic, opportunistic, contrarian, or sympathetic relationship with the Fascist Baath Party of Iraq.

NAS 1 Timothy 6:10a For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil...

NAS Ecclesiastes 8:9 All this I have seen and applied my mind to every deed that has been done under the sun wherein a man has exercised authority over another man to his hurt.

NAS Ecclesiastes 4:1 Then I looked again at all the acts of oppression which were being done under the sun. And behold I saw the tears of the oppressed and that they had no one to comfort them; and on the side of their oppressors was power, but they had no one to comfort them.

NAS Job 34:30 So that godless men should not rule, Nor be snares of the people.

NAS Isaiah 1:23 Your rulers are rebels, And companions of thieves; Everyone loves a bribe, And chases after rewards. They do not defend the orphan, Nor does the widow's plea come before them.

NAS Ecclesiastes 9:3b Furthermore, the hearts of the sons of men are full of evil, and insanity is in their hearts throughout their lives.  Afterwards they go to the dead.

NAS Mark 7:20-23 That which proceeds out of the man, that is what defiles the man. For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed the evil thoughts, fornications, thefts, murders, adulteries, deeds of coveting and wickedness, as well as deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride and foolishness. All these evil things proceed from within and defile the man.

NAS Proverbs 21:2 Every man's way is right in his own eyes, But the LORD weighs the hearts.

NAS Hosea 4:4; Yet let no one find fault, and let none offer reproof; for your people are like those who contend with the priest.

NAS Psalm 2:2 The kings of the earth take their stand, And the rulers take counsel together Against the LORD and against His Anointed.

NAS Proverbs 11:10-11 When it goes well with the righteous, the city rejoices, and when the wicked perish, there is glad shouting.  By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted, but by the mouth of the wicked it is torn down.

NAS Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.

NAS Proverbs 16:12 It is an abomination for kings to commit wickedness, for a throne is established on righteousness.

NAS Proverbs 17:15 He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the righteous, Both of them alike are an abomination to the LORD.

NAS Proverbs 18:5 To show partiality to the wicked is not good, Nor to thrust aside the righteous in judgment.

NAS Proverbs 20:28 Loyalty and truth preserve the king, And he upholds his throne by righteousness.

NAS Proverbs 28:12 When the righteous triumph, there is great glory, But when the wicked rise, men hide themselves.

NAS Proverbs 28:15 Like a roaring lion and a rushing bear Is a wicked ruler over a poor people.

NAS Proverbs 28:28 When the wicked rise, men hide themselves; But when they perish, the righteous increase.

NAS Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, But when a wicked man rules, people groan.

NAS Proverbs 29:12 If a ruler pays attention to falsehood, All his ministers become wicked.

NAS Proverbs 29:14 If a king judges the poor with truth, His throne will be established forever.

NAS Ecclesiastes 3:16 Furthermore, I have seen under the sun that in the place of justice there is wickedness, and in the place of righteousness there is wickedness.