Biblical Concept: Psalm Two, Context by Context and Verse by Verse


Classification: Messianic


1) VV. 1-3, World rebellion against God’s leadership.


v. 1a, Peace on earth?--Not!

v. 1b, Empty people.  Compare Ecclesiastes 9:3.

v. 2, World religious war.  Compare Isaiah 14:12, 16-17; Daniel 10:13, 20; Matthew

4:8-9; Revelation 13:1-8, 20:3 and 7-9.

v. 3, The World: “Cast off religious/spiritual restrictions.”  Compare v. 2, 11-12.


2) VV. 4-6, God’s leadership is sovereign.


v. 4, A disgusted laugh.

v. 5, Communicate anger and fury.

v. 6, Take the world back.  Compare Matthew 4:8-9 and Revelation 6:15-27.


3) VV. 7-9, The Sovereign Son.


v. 7, His promotion. Compare “anointed” in 2b, “King” in 6a and “Son” in 7b.

v. 8, His possessions: Nations and earth.

v. 9, His power: No contest.


4) VV. 10-12, Submit to the Son.


v. 10, Learn leaders.

vv. 11-12a, Fear leaders.

v. 12b, Blessing and refuge in the Son.