Biblical Concept: God, Religion Or Relationship With


Mark 7:5-8; God wants your heart, not lip service, precepts, and traditions of men.  Notice the relationship between “heart” and “commandment.”  See also 7:9-13.


Mark 12:32-33; God wants love from your all your heart, understanding, and strength, not burnt offerings and sacrifices.  Note the relationship between “love” and “understanding.”  Compare 1 John 5:1-3. 


Isaiah 1:11-23; God wants application of good versus evil, not sacrifices, offerings, assemblies, festivals, feasts, and multiplied prayers.  Compare Hosea 6:6, Amos 5:22-24, Mica 6:6-8, and Psalm 51:16-17.


Colossians 2:20-3:4; God wants your seeking mind set on Christ above, not self-made religion. 


James 1:22; God wants you to apply His word, not have the religious delusion of just hearing His word.  Note: “Delusion” = paralogizomai (paralogi,zomai) = to reason beside = to come close to applying God’s word.  See also 1:23-25. 


James 1:26, God wants your bridled tongue not your religion.  Note 1:27.