Biblical Concept: Free Will Theorem

God created your free will, with no choice on your part.  You were born to human parents with no choice on your part.  You will live a set number of days on earth, exercising your free will within the boundaries of four dimensions, parents, personality, talents, nature to sin, society, spiritual requirements, and various governing authorities.  You will die, and based on your volitional choices to Divinely imposed spiritual requirements, with no choice on your part, be taken to an eternal spiritual dwelling place.  You will be given an eternal body, with no choice on your part—influenced, however, based on your choices to the Divinely imposed spiritual requirements during your stay in the four dimensional universe.  You will live eternally in a spiritual universe of Divine design, with a free will, with no ability to sin, and be happy.

A free will needs to know its boundaries. 

God created angelic and human free will to interact with for an eternity future.  On the way to that eternity, the inevitable free will rebellion of angels and humans must be resolved.

Compare: Sin, Eternity, and Free Will.