Biblical Concept: Disaster Theorem


Perfect creation1 + sin and rebellion2 = perfect judgment3 + groaning creation4 = natural disasters5 = control of group sin and rebellion6.



1 The Triune God of the Bible created the heavens and earth in their perfection—Genesis 1:31-2:3. 

2 Satan brought disobedience into the human condition—Genesis 3:1-7.  Further angelic intervention, see Genesis 6:1-5, brought humanity to the lowest of spiritual conditions.

3 The Divine solution to sin and rebellion was a curse of creation (Genesis 3:17), global flood (Genesis 6:13), and a plan of redemption through Jesus Christ (Romans 8:19-21).

4 Groaning creation is a periodic application of judgment.  See Romans 8:18-22 and Job 37:11-13.

5 The flood broke the earth into continents and the resultant plate tectonics cause a variety of natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami, and volcanic eruption.  The flood also replaced the atmospheric greenhouse of original creation with cold, wind, rain, snow, thunder, lightning, tornado, and hurricane. 

6 See Job 37:11-13.