Biblical Concept: Christmas Statements


Christmas Royal - The advent of Jesus: the God; Immanuel; Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace; Son; Rabbi; Messiah; King; High Priest; Lord; and Savior of creation.


Christmas Humble - The advent of Jesus: the God, a shepherd born amidst domesticated animals, Himself the sacrificial Lamb of God, a Son of Man, humble, and suffering in life and death.


Christmas Warrior - The birth of Jesus = the advent of Christ = an invasion by a Warrior = the strategic spiritual counterattack in the Angelic Conflict.His invasion was followed with over 30 years of continual Personal warfare with Satan, Satanís angels, and a world deceived by Satan.Christís battle-front of the Cross achieved the strategic victory over all opposed to the Triune God of the Bible.Merry Mass of Christ!


Christmas Humility - The Creator God became human, lived as humans, suffered for humans, and died physically and spiritually for humans.An amazing plan.The humility of God--unexpected by angels--is the master-stroke in the Angelic Conflict.Merry Mass of Christ.


The Advents of Jesus Christ - Eden advents (garden walks), wilderness wandering advents (pillar of cloud and fire), Angel of the Lord advents,Messianic incarnation advent to earth (Immanuel, Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, Son, Rabbi, Messiah, King, High Priest, Lord, a Shepherd born amidst domesticated animals, Himself the sacrificial Lamb of God, Son of Man, Savior, humble and suffering in life and death), advented to heaven (seated at the Fatherís right hand, an advocate), advented to the clouds (rapture gathering of His Church), and advented to the earth to end tribulation and rule for eternity--Amen.


Summary: Christmas = the Advent of a Royal, Humble, Warrior--the Lord Jesus Christ.