Biblical Concept: Blind and The Messiah


Exodus 4:11, The Lord makes seeing or blind.  Cf. John 9:1-3.

Psalm 146:8, The Lord opens the eyes of the blind.

Isaiah 29:18-19, (Kingdom blessing) the blind shall see … gladness in the Lord.

Isaiah 35:5, (Kingdom blessing) eyes of the blind opened.

Isaiah 42:1-9, Servant … open blind eyes.

Matthew 11:2-6, expected one … blind receive sight.

Matthew 12:22-23, dumb spoke and saw … Son of David.

Matthew 21:14-17, blind healed … Son of David.

Mark 10:46-52, blind Bartimaeus …Son of David …  Rabboni.

Luke 4:14-21, Isaiah … sight to the blind.

John 10:19-21, demon cannot open eyes of the blind.

John 11:32-48, open eyes of the blind … dying ... reactions (vv. 45-48).

Conclusion: Jesus proved He was God by healing the blind.